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About the iELT Accelerator

The iELT Accelerator will be a very intense programme of three modules, spanning over four weeks. Its starting point is you – a person with a product or service ready to be taken to market. We understand that you have already completed the work needed to have an almost ready offering. This programme is designed to take you through a series of steps that give you the confidence that you and your product have what it takes to build a high growth company.

Essentially, the four weeks are split into three modules.

Module 1:

Defining your market segment, clearly defining who your customer is and what value they receive from your offering, your organisation structure, your business funding and building strategy and then putting the projected numbers (your target customers, your value proposition to them and your costs of doing business) into an operational cum financial plan. Projected numbers will show you the path to becoming a successful, high growth business

Module 2:

Actually, going out and validating the projected numbers. There will be intense customer engagements, supplier and ecosystem partner engagements as well as secondary research for validation of all assumptions.

Module 3:

Refining your assumptions and strategy in light of real evidence coming from the market, and putting it all together into a strategy and a numbers based, credible, growth plan for your planned business.

Your output from this programme will be a complete operational cum financial roadmap which will guide you to a high growth business, and the underling organisation as well as enabling ecosystem that would power it.

At the end of the programme, based on your findings and experience during this acceleration exercise, if you have a credible growth story, you will pitch in front of an external panel for possible seed funding and further incubation support.

iCreate will also give you a certificate for having participated and successfully completed this programme.

Please feel free to get in touch with us at , should you need any further assistance or help in the interim. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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