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The Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST) was established in September, 1986, to play a catalytic role in promoting the use of Science & Technology and Innovation in the development process of the State. The S&T Council was constituted with a view to develop technologies appropriate to and in harmony with present conditions. The Council has been catalysing interaction between developers and users of technologies, by bringing on a common platform to training Innovators, Scientists and Engineers on the one hand and policy makers as well as administrators on the other.

Accordingly, the State Council is identifying the areas in which Science and Technology can be applied for development activities and achieve the goals of the State, with a particular emphasis to eliminate the prevailing backwardness, rural unemployment and poverty.

It was also felt necessary to establish effective Communication and other links between, and Co -ordinate the activities of centres of Scientific and Technologic al Research, Government agencies and industries in order to promote the application of Science and Technology in the State.

The Council is an autonomous body registered under the Societies Registration Act from 1st February, 2000 and working under departm ent of Science & Technology. Hon’ble Minister of Education is the Chairman of the Council. The Administration and Management affairs of the state Council is inducted by the Governing Board. The Board has constituted Executive Committee for fast Execution o f work. The day to day affairs and administration of the State Council is looked after by its Advisor who is also Member Secret ary of the Council.


GUJCOST will dedicated to educating young minds, assisting teachers and increasing public understanding of science and technology along with its resea rch and development programmes

Objectives of t he Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST) :

  • To create an environment for acquiring new knowledge through innovation and research, compatible with the educational mission of the State;
  • To encourage R & D activities in various sectors by monitoring the development and by feeding available information to assess and recommend financial support for such efforts.
  • To devise policy guidelines for academic and field policies for the purpose of strengthening the planning and programming amenities for the development of science and technology.
  • To identify areas in which science and technology can be utilized for the achievement of the socio -economic objectives of the State and in particular, its objectives of tackling the problems of backwardness, unemployment and poverty and of addressing itself to the problems of rural area, and under privileged sections of Society such as Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Landless Labo ur, Artisans Small/Marginal farmers and women.
  • To Advise the State Government on policies and measures necessary to promote Science and T echnology (and its utilization) for achievement of socio- economic objectives.
  • To prepare or assist in the preparation of Science and Technology plan for the State.
  • To advise the State Government on policies and measures relating to the development and depl oyment of Science and Technology manpower resources.
  • To promote the popularization of science and the spread of a scientific temper and attitude among the people of the State;
  • To interact with other State and National Science and Technology bodies having s imilar or related objectives.
  • To identify priority areas of Science and Technology needed for long term development of the State.
  • If essential, to establish, or cause to establish or assist in the establishment of the infrastructure (institutions, organiza tions etc. ) necessary to achieve the aforesaid objectives.
  • To take any other step which are relevant to the application of Science and Technology to the problems of the state.

Community Science Centres

Science and Technology have played an important role as a tool of Socio -economic revolution hence development of science and technological capacity and its application have become an important and inherent part in the planning process.
Application of Science and Technology and an innovative approach as a mod ern tool for Socio -economic revolution is very much required in the interest of all round and speedy development of the state.

The state has undertaken various efforts through five year plan for equal. multilateral and speedy development by using latest t echnology in the fields of Agriculture and its dependent industry, Engineering industry, Transportation & Communicators, Irrigation- Construction, environment & Rural Development, Public healt h, Medical science & education etc.

Community Science Centres at regional and district level regularly carry out activities to promote the culture of innovation in the area.

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Patent Information Centre (PIC)

GUJCOST has instituted Patent Information Centre (PIC) in 2002 with the support of DST, Govt. of India to provide awareness on IPRs and specific issues related to patenting and procedure by organizing seminar, conference etc. The PIC aims to enhance the quality of invention and innovation to increase the number of Intellectual Property registration from the state and facilitating for the patent search and IPRs regi stration for the Academic, Research Institutes and MSME as well as for the innovators from the unorganized sectors.

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Office Address:
Dep ar t ment of Science & Technology,
Government of Gujarat ,
Block B, 7th Floor, M. S. Building,
Nr. Pathikashram , Sector 11,
Gandhingar 382011
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Phone: 079 - 23259362,63,64,65
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